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XZERES 442SR Wind Turbines

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The XZERES 442 was the most efficient rotor design tested by a third party in the small wind industry today. Its performance has been tested and validated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and can produce up to 40% more energy than its competitors of the same rating in some wind resources. Today, the XZERES 442SR has seen substantial improvements over its predecessor the 442HV. With many installations in a wide variety of wind resources, the 442SR has seen improvements up to 23% more than has been validated by NREL. Improved sound emissions have also been validated by a third party to the BWEA standard; Rated Sound Level at 47.5dB(A) with no noise penalty.

The XZERES 442SR is designed to generate low cost energy through efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Its simple design limits moving parts to reduce service and maintenance costs, as well as allow for easy installation.

The machine gets its name from its large swept area of 442 sq ft. By focusing on performance and reliability, our systems produce the lowest lifetime cost of energy, which yields the best return on your investment. Using the best parts and materials available today, the 442SR’s quality and durability is second to none.

Grid Connect

direct The XZERES 442SR on grid system is designed to plug directly into the power grid for single phase and three phase applications. It Includes wind turbine, turbine controller, SMA -SB- 6000 (6kW) inverters, diversion load, service disconnect switch and lightning/surge protection.

Off Grid Energy Systems

battery Designed for serious off grid living as well as business applications. The system includes wind turbine, battery charge controller, diversion load, service disconnect switch and lightning/surge protection.

Marine Wind Turbines

marineThe XZERES 442SR-M features corrosion protection for marine coastal applications. Surface finishes, fasteners, and electrical enclosures are compliant with industry standards for marine, estuary, and coastal environments with high salinity, but are not intended for direct spray or submersion.

Wind Turbine Diagnostics


Turbine health is important for sustained uninterrupted energy production. The XZERES Turbine Controller has an on-board diagnostics system which records performance metrics and is web enabled and Wi-Fi accessible from a home computer or handheld device.

Model XZERES 442SR

  • Peak Power 12.2 kW
  • Rated Power 10.4 kW @ 25 mph (11m/s)
  • Cut-in Speed 5.5 mph (2.5 m/s)
  • Rotor Diameter 7.2 m (23.6 ft)
  • Swept Area 41 sq m (442 sq ft)
  • Blades 3-blade, upwind
  • Body Ductile iron casting and steel
  • Alternator 3 phase, neodymium permanent magnet
  • IEC 61400-2 Small Turbine Class Class 2
  • Tower-top Weight 2300 lbs (1045 kg)
  • Output Interface
    • Single Phase
      • 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
        (Worldwide Grid Support)
    • Three Phase
      • 400Y240 VAC, 50 Hz
        (Worldwide Grid Support)
10kW Energy Systems Investment Details
Considering an annual wind speed of 6.5m/s

  • Annual FiT Payment: £5,903
  • Service Life 20 years
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    XZERES 442SR

    • High performance across a wide variety of high wind conditions found in the UK
    • Designed to produce energy in low and high wind conditions
    • Rugged design will withstand 62 m/s wind speeds
    • State of the art components with superior quality and reliability
    • Robustness turbine design with 20+ year life expectancy
    • Simple design limits moving parts to reduce service and maintenance costs, as well as allow for easy installation
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