Small Wind Turbines

XZERES Small Wind Turbines, a.k.a. windmill turbines, perform consistently--and quietly--in the most demanding locations throughout the United Kingdom. Windpower energy for farmers and rural businesses, schools and universities, is a smart investment. XZERES Wind provides wind energy solutions to meet the needs of homeowners, businesses, and institutions throughout the UK.

Marine Wind Turbines

Marine wind turbines are the correct application of marine wind power in coastal areas. Marine wind turbines, such as the XZERES 442SR-M, feature a corrosion protection for coastal environments. This feature ensures that small wind turbines in coastal environments are properly protected from rust and corrosion, which ensures the 20-year service of the XZERES 442SR-M in the harshest, wettest conditions in Britain.

Turbine Towers

XZERES wind has a wide range of wind power tower designs and sizes to suit the needs of every small wind turbine we manufacture. XZERES can match the right wind power tower, and wind turbine products, to each individual small wind turbine sale. XZERES Wind has a quality engineering team with expertise in mechanical and hydraulic lift towers, which provides the customer with the best wind power tower solution for their respective small wind turbine.

Power Efficiency

Our XZERES Energy Power Efficiency products utilize power factor correction to significantly lower energy bills for commercial and residential utility customers. Power factor correction extends the life of electrical equipment, reduces carbon footprints, all the while reducing overall energy costs. XZERES Energy offers power efficiency units with automatic control-heads, which optimize energy usage and generate energy savings. The XZERES KiloWatt Master Auto-Range series is a power efficiency solution unmatched in the the power factor correction market.
  • XZERES 442SR

    XZERES 442SRView XZERES 442SR Turbine
    Rotor Diameter 7.2 m

  • Industry News

    XZERES Receives MCS Certification for Small Wind Turbines | 03/23/11

    New certification allows XZERES Wind Corp UK customers the ability to take advantage of the British Government sponsored feed-in tariff scheme.

    New blade designs reduce sound of small turbines | 08/11/10

    One of the concerns that many property owners and small business owners have about wind turbines is the potential for disruptive noise from the constant spinning of the turbine and its blades. It’s a valid issue – poorly designed installations can generate a large amount of noise, drawing complaints from users and neighbors.

    Capital depreciation and small wind turbines | 08/10/10

    Like any capital investment, wind turbines depreciate over time. Most turbines have an operational life of around 20 years, although wind conditions, maintenance and weather can alter that span one way or another. New advances in engineering and materials science are also having an effect.

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