XZERES Wind is committed to providing world class service and support to all of our installers and end users. We offer a variety of tools, resources, and assistance to assure the performance and reliability of our wind turbines, and to maximize your value and return on investment.


XZERES Wind requires installers to have hands-on experience installing residential and small business wind generators. All XZERES installers are licensed and bonded contractors with experience in contemporary building practices. XZERES Wind looks to its dealers to provide site assessments and local answers to customers' questions. In many cases, dealers will also be called upon to provide installation assistance (or complete turnkey installation) of our wind generators and towers for customers. Dealers are expected to be experienced with and knowledgeable of residential renewable energy, in general, and about wind energy, specifically. Hands-on experience installing a residential wind generator is invaluable experience and is also a prerequisite to becoming a XZERES Wind dealer. We encourage renewable energy companies with the mentioned qualifications to apply to become a XZERES dealers.
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XZERES Wind has qualified field service technicians deployed to XZERES turbine installation sites for annual maintenance regularly. We also understand you may have questions about installation and maintenance and are committed to supporting our systems and have customer service available. Call us today with questions about your system or to schedule maintenance.
XZERES Service Team
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UK Phone: +44 (0) 121 764 7036
US Phone: 1-877-404-9438 (option 4)

XZERES Limited Warranty and Premium Coverage ‌ ‌

XZERES Standard Limited Warranty

5 Year Standard Coverage – XZERES Wind Turbines, electronics and associated equipment are covered for manufacturing defects and workmanship for 5 years. This premium coverage is standard for all of our turbines and includes (2) scheduled maintenance visits. XZERES separates itself from other turbine manufactures by covering labor costs and travel related expenses including the (2) scheduled maintenance visits. This standard warranty provides for zero maintenance costs for the first 8 years
            of ownership.

XZERES Extended Customer Care Program

10 Year Performance Coverage – The XZERES Extended Customer Care Program can be added to the total system cost and will extend our standard 5 year warranty for an additional 5 years, thus extending coverage for a total of 10 years. This is our performance package and maximizes turbine up time and includes a total of (3) recommended maintenance visits. This is premium assurance for
            buyers with serious demand.

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  • Global Representative Network

    Expert Installation & Support

    XZERES Wind's Global Representative Network is comprised of sustainable energy industry leaders for domestic and international sales, installation and support. Click Here for more information about XZERES Representatives.

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