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XZERES 442SR 10kW home wind power systems provide energy solutions for grid connected, residential living. Residential wind energy systems produce wind power for the 20 year service life of the home wind turbine. Britain’s excellent wind resource allows residential customers to get the most out of the
  home wind power Home wind power is best in exposed, obstacle free areas.


home wind powerFor home wind energy to be effective, your site will need no less than 5 m/s



government sponsored feed-in-tariff scheme. Exporting all small wind turbine energy production to the national grid, a residential wind energy customer can receive an estimated average annual £13,587 FIT payment guaranteed for
the life of the home wind power system.
What do XZERES Home Wind Turbines do for youbar
FIT Earnings with wind annual FIT earnings with wind years to payoff for a home wind turbine home wind turbine IRR
Estimate Assumptions
• Production FIT 21p • 4% Inflation Rate • 6 -7 m/s wind speed • 20 years service life
• Over Production 4.5p • Installation costs include 15m hydraulic ram, turbine & electronics • 5% VAT



XZERES 442SR Home Wind Turbine

442SR home wind turbineThe XZERES 442SR home wind turbine is designed to generate low cost energy through efficiency, reliability and longevity for its 20 year service life. A simple design limits moving parts to reduce service and maintenance costs, as well as allow for easy installations. The 442SR receives its name from its large swept area of 442 sq ft. Name plate capacity of a home wind turbine tells very little about efficiency or energy production potential, whereas swept area is directly related to home wind energy production. By focusing on performance and reliability, our residential wind turbines produce the lowest lifetime cost of energy, which yields the best return on an investment.
view a home wind turbine Simple, Rugged, Designed to Quietly Last

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