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Today’s buying climate has never been better for buying a XZERES Wind Energy Solutions. Call us today for all details about XZERES turbine installations.

Quick Site Assessment

Wind Energy takes wind. The more wind the better. XZERES Wind is committed to helping our customers understand their site potential. Our sales professionals have the best tools and information available to determine if wind energy makes sense for your site location. XZERES WindRx™ site prospecting report gives you a comprehensive first look at your location including average wind speed, annual and monthly energy production as well years to payback and internal rate of return.

Permitting - A Proactive Approach

Local zoning and permitting ordinance have to be navigated to assure installation. Some areas have created permitting regulations and others have preserved local authority to best meet their community goals. Proactively approaching installations is the XZERES approach. Our professionals help guide you through the permitting process leveraging wisdom from installations in nearly every state.

TurnKey Installation and Support

XZERES Wind is committed to providing world class service and support to all of customers. XZERES Wind’s global installation and support network offers a variety of tools, resources, and assistance to assure timely installation of our wind turbines and maximize your value and return on investment.
  • Global Dealer Network

    Expert Installation & Support

    XZERES Wind's Global Dealer Network is comprised of sustainable energy industry leaders for domestic and international sales, installation and support. Click Here for more information about dealers.

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