Agriculture Wind Power

Wind Energy for Agriculture

Consumption = 18,000 kWh/Annual

small wind turbines for farms

XZERES Small Wind Turbines on farms can generate considerable revenue for agricultural businesses. Agricultural wind turbines are a symbol to customers that a farmer’s business is sustainable by utilizing power from wind energy for their business. XZERES agricultural wind turbines on farms allow farmers across the UK to take advantage of Britain’s rich wind resource as well as the Government’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) scheme. An XZERES 442SR 10kW agricultural wind turbine system can receive annual FIT payments of £5,903 with an annual wind resource at 6.5 m/s, guaranteed for the turbine’s 20 year service-life.

Energy from Wind Power is best in exposed, obstacle free areas


windBest production of wind energy for farms requires no less than 5 m/s







Wind turbines on farms also allow farmers to offset their consumption from the utility. This enhances the economics of agricultural wind turbines for farms. With an XZERES 442SR, wind energy for agriculture becomes a smart investment for any farmer with a reliable source of wind.



XZERES Wind Turbines For Farms

agricultural wind turbinesThe XZERES 442SR small wind turbines for farms are designed to generate low cost energy through efficient design, reliability and longevity for the 20 year service-life. This small wind turbine has a simple design, which limits moving parts while reducing service and maintenance costs. These features also allow for easy installation and increase the economics of energy produced by our wind turbines. The 442SR receives its name from its large swept area of 442 sq ft. Name plate capacity of a small wind turbine tells very little about efficiency or wind energy production potential. Swept area is directly related to the energy produced by a small wind turbine. By focusing on performance and reliability, our systems produce the lowest lifetime cost of energy, which yields the best return on an investment and enhance wind turbine economics for businesses in the UK. The 442SR small wind turbine provides a reliable, efficient source of renewable energy from wind power.
442SR small Wind Turbine

Simple, Rugged, Designed to Quietly Last

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