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xzeres wind US and Europe headquarters

Frank Greco - Chief Executive Officer

Frank Greco, Chief Executive Officer of XZERES CorporationFrank Greco, Chief Executive Officer of XZERES Corporation, has been leading renewable energy development and manufacturing for the last 8 years. Mr. Greco has created numerous supplier and distribution relationships globally and successfully led the development and global launch of over 6 turbine systems. His past hands on experience in global markets and distributed wind energy applications and deployments have prepared him for global wind expansion in the UK. With 30+ years manufacturing experience with eye on costs and quality, Mr. Greco’s main focus is on system performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Steven Shum - Chief Financial Officer

Steven Shum, Chief Financial Officer of XZERES windSteven Shum, Chief Financial Officer, corporate secretary and a member of our Board of Directors, has been with XZERES since October 2008. Since 2004 Mr. Shum has been a Managing Principal of Core Fund Management, L.P. and the Fund Manager of Core Fund, L.P. Mr. Shum's tenure includes 15 years in the financial services industry where he has an extensive background in equity research, macroeconomics, and management. Prior to joining Core Fund, he spent four years as founder and Executive Vice President of Revere Data, which created a patented equity research application. In addition to Revere Data, from 1999 to 2003, Mr. Shum was the senior investment analyst and co-portfolio manager with DNB Capital Management.

John McCoury - Chief Operating Officer

John McCoury, Vice President of Engineering of xzeres windJohn McCoury, Chief Operating Officer, is an accomplished aerospace and renewable energy engineer with 28 years of experience in design, analysis, testing, certification and program management. Prior to joining XZERES in 2011, Mr. McCoury spent the last three years in renewable energy technology, where he was in charge of engineering and new product development focusing on new technologies for utility class wind turbines. Before his focus on renewables, Mr. McCoury has been an industry leader in aircraft startup companies most notably as the Director of Structures and Materials at Eclipse Aviation Corporation, where he also served as deputy to the vice president of Engineering. He is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines and holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering.

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